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July 2008




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Jul. 14th, 2008


Definitely, Maybe (2008)

Synopsis: A father going through a divorce explains how he met his daughter's mother and the circumstances that led for him to choose marrying her.

I give this movie . I thought this movie was very cute. Ryan Renolds's character, the father, is a great depiction of a father that truly loves his daughter and is honest about his her situation in a nurturing, loving way. He turns the story of how he met and chose to be with her mother into a game where the daughter has to chose which one of the three women in the story is her mother. In the process, the man learns a little more about himself and his mistakes. It has a lot of nice little plot twists that lead to a less expected out come.

I definitely recommend this movie to anyone has children (while not recommending it for young children) and anyone who loves love stories with a journey.

Jul. 8th, 2008


10,000 BC (2008)

Synopsis: A tribe is told of a prophecy of a warrior who will save their people and marry a blue eyed girl recently saved and integrated into the tribe. Once the signs of the prophecy begin to unfold, the young man that it unfolds around must figure out a way to succeed and fulfill it.

I give this movie . I didn't really have high expectations for this film and it definitely was so much more than I expected it to be. I thought it was going to be a story about cave people and extinct animals. It is not really depicted as "cave people". It is more about a tribe that lives in the mountains during the time of "cave people". It does show extinct animals,but they are less prominent in the movie, while; they so lend a guideline and dimension to the plot. The best part is when you learn who the prophecy's opposition really is and it was definitely a historical society that I was not expecting. My only hint is that it is a society and culture we all learned about in history class at school.

I recommend this movie to anyone who likes romantic story lines, historical references, and a great deal of action.

Jul. 6th, 2008


Dead Silence (2007)

Synopsis: A possessed ventriloquist dummy kills people that scream in dead silence.

I give this movie 1/2 stars. I have to admit I only watched this after several people recommended that I see it, also. I thought a possessed ventriloquist dummy sounded a bit hoaky and a little too much like the "Child's Play" movies (which I never cared for much). This is definitely an instant where my first impression would have made me miss out on a great horror movie. That being said, the first 20 minutes into the film, I had begun to think my first impression may have been correct. The death scene was a bit over during the moments where the sound completely dissipates, the person screaming and the person being killed and turned into a ventriloquist dummy. Fortunately, once the main character arrives in his hometown, things begin to take on new twists and make the plot far more interesting. As soon as, you think you have the story figured out, a new set of elements arise that drastically alter perceptions. By the end, the movie is not what you thought it was about and the conclusion is no where near what you thought it would be.

I recommend watching this movie very highly to anyone who likes horror movies. My only advise is, make sure that you give the movie enough of a chance to set up the plot. It is worth the wait it takes to get all the way to the end.

Jun. 22nd, 2008


Hairspray (2007)

Hairspray (2007)

Synopsis: A heavy teenage girl is chosen to dance on a television dance show amidst a time of racial segregation.

I give this movie . This movie has many elements I love: singing, dancing, interracial relationships, and self-empowered full figured people. It talks about racial and size discrimination in the backdrop of the 60s. I definitely think it was an improvement on the 1988 version. Most remakes tend to fall horribly short, while; this one did not. I really loved the scenes in which Christopher Walken danced. He is amazingly still very spry. John Travola did a much better than normal performance of a woman being played by a man. However, I can't help but wonder if they could have found an actual female actress that could have played the role in a bigger than life the role deserved. That being said, I did like his portrayal of Tracy's mother. All in all, it was a great story of perseverance and a celebration of differences. If you love musicals, I say see it.

Jun. 21st, 2008


Semi-Pro (2008)


Synopsis: When the American Basketball Association (ABA) is bought out by the National Basketball Association (NBA), it is decided only four teams will merge into the NBA. Jackie Moon, a entertainer/team owner/team coach of the Flint Tropics (an ABA team), and his team have to do everything they can to be considered for one of the four opening for the NBA.

I give it . This movie is designed to be a vehicle for SNL (Saturday Night Live)like material. The first few minutes showcase some very crude, sexually suggestive jokes. Some of which were not even very funny. Once past those moments, the comedy starts to pick up and drive the story forward. Andre Benjamin did a great job and actually stole quite a few scenes. This movie isn't as funny as a lot of Will Ferrell's movies, but it is a good choice if you want an unpretentious movie with a sense of humor.

Five Miles to Midnight (1963)

Synopsis: A woman tries to end her relationship with her husband by helping him fake his own death.

I give this movie 1/2. This movie is a psychological thriller. It has great elements of suspense through out the plot. It leads the viewer to believe it is a story about a couple trying to get away with insurance fraud, but it really leads the viewer to a completely unexpected out come. I was impressed with the range of feelings Sophia Loren embodies in this film. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes older films with a twist.

Jun. 19th, 2008


Atonement (2007)


Synopsis: A child makes an accusation against a man. In turn, she irreparably alters the lives of her family, as well as; the life of the man she accuses. She then has to figure out a way to giver herself atonement for the horrible thing she has done.

I give this movie .This movie is very well made. The plot jumps to various perspectives quite often and can be a bit distracting. However, it is needed to give a full scope of events and to complete the value of those events. There are moments that are sexual, violent and graphic. If you have problems with watching animals and children being harmed, there are scenes of both that could be very bothersome. There are, also, graphic war scenes. If you can look past the harsh aspects of this film, this movie is a great story about love and mistakes.

Jun. 18th, 2008


Wicked Little Things (2006)

Wicked Little Things

Synopsis: A widow finds a deed to a home in the mountains in her husband's estate after his death. The hardships from his illness leaves her and her children no choice, but to move to the house her husband kept secret. Little does the family know, but the mountain has zombie children that murder people at night in search of the lineage of the man who caused their death.

I give this movie . This movie is one of the eight horror fest movies that were released by Lionsgate. Basically, the horror fest movies are movies that were not released in theaters because they were deemed too graphic or offensive for mainstream release. All that being said, the movie is not nearly as traumatic to watch as the horror fest stigma might suggest. It is actually one of the more originally scripted horror films I have seen in quite a while. Most of the movie has a great manifestation of suspense. The elements that may have made it too controversial, are quite evident. The children do attack people and it is very graphic. However, I was very impressed with the child actors. They truly and effectively played the zombies in a creepy way. This is definitely not a movie for everyone. I would recommend this to people who love horror films. If you are not, you probably are not going to like this as much as I did. You may not be able to watch much of it at all.

Jun. 14th, 2008




Synopsis: A young man learns he can teleport himself anywhere he wants. He then leaves home abusing his gift. Eventually, teleport hunters track him down and a war between the two begins.

I give this movie . I technically would add another half of a star, but I am dealing whole stars instead of fractions of one. There are huge pluses and slight minuses with this movie. The computer graphics and special effects are awesome. The various landmarks in this movie are seen from very unique perspectives and show additional beauty to places we all know. The glitches for me, were the plot. They never really explained a few elements of the plot and I was left wondering why there were teleport hunters and how the whole mother son relationship really consisted. I wasn't sure if his mother was his birth mother or if she was an adoptive mother that just wrestled with her conscience and her job. If I have questions, it usually means there wasn't enough information for me to complete all the storylines. A lot of people would not have wondered "why" on those two aspects, but my inquisitive mind always wants to know why to everything. Parts were very predictable and can be seen in almost any love story. Even with those things, I very much liked the movie. I have plans of buying it at some point. Once, again, the graphics and special effects are awesome.

Jun. 11th, 2008


El Orfanato (The Orphanage)

El Orfanato (The Orphanage)

Synopsis: The main character is a former orphan that purchases the orphanage she once lived in. She has an ill, adopted son who has imaginary friends. Her son goes missing one day and she has to unravel the mysteries of the orphanage and what happened to her son.

I give this movie . It has a completely original story. It is less gory and more of a Thriller/Suspense than an horror flick. There is only one scene that really was a scene where one can see why it is rated-R. It is a bit of a throw back to the older horror flicks  Alfred Hitchcock would have made. If you love horror/thrillers and do not mind non-English films, it is definitely a great movie to see. I was so taken in with the movie, I didn't mind reading subtitles at all.

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